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Is A Real Estate Partnership A Good Way To Invest?

Real estate partnerships have been around since the cave man's days. This is because people have learned to pool their resources in order to reduce their risk and increase their leverage. Pooling ...

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The company "ТАО" has many years experience in the mortgage market.
We will help to choose the optimum mortgage program, to pick up the real estate resembling for the mortgage transaction, we will answer all questions arising in the course of interaction with bank and preparation of the transaction, we will be for you the reliable assistant and the adviser on everyone acquisitions of real estate with a mortgage loan.

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7 600 000 USD
Manufacturing complex
On request

Consultation of the astrologist

Council of the astrologist will help to choose correctly to you the necessary way at accepting difficult and a critical decision.

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Partner column

TAO company willing to offer favorable conditions for cooperation partner.

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Partners of our firm can receive significant discounts or access to unique offers commercial real estate in Russia or abroad, we are always happy to secure business collaboration.

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Manufacturing complex

Manufacturing complex
7600000 USD
Real estate type:
Manufacturing complex
10000 sq. m.
An industrial complex for sale, city of Ryazan, Russia, 200 km from Moscow


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